When to say “NO:” Foods that You Should Not Feed to Dogs

Imagine a hot summer day with the sun glaring on the yard and you digging in this new chocolate-flavored ice cream inside the house, when suddenly your Golden Retriever named Popo comes over to you, hops on to your lap, opens his mouth with the tongue sticking out, and looks at you with pleading eyes. What do you do: a) say “No, Popo. This is bad for you;” or b) you put a scoop in Popo’s feeding bowl?

If you’ve answered “a,” you are a step away from getting Popo to an unplanned visit to the hospital. For dogs, dairy products and sugar, both found in ice cream, can lead to digestive problems and trigger allergies. Chocolate can lead to death. There is a long list of foods that you should not feed your dogs. Feeding these prohibited foods can cause serious problems. Even death. Dog lovers and dog owners should not underestimate the negative effects of these foods. Sometimes saying “no” to a dog that wants chocolate-flavored ice cream can save his life.


Number one on the list is cooked bones

It’s almost common knowledge that bones
are the staple food for dogs. Actually, they can be dangerous. Cooked bones may be crushed and become splinters when the dog chews them. Once swallowed, these splinters can cause mouth injuries, constipation, broken teeth, and – one of the most dreaded – inflammation around the stomach tissue.


Next, cat food

You may be thinking, “why would you feed cat food to a dog?” It may sound uncommon, but actually there are some people who think that all pet foods are similar. They are not. In fact, cat food has higher proteins and fat levels that are unhealthy to dogs. Each pet food has varying proteins and fats suited for the needs of a particular pet. They are not like interchangeable sardines.


Believe it or not, bacon is bad for dogs

Bacon is too salty for dogs. In fact, foods that are high in fat such as bacon and ham can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Those with high salt content can urge the dog to drink loads of water which can cause bloating.


Never give alcoholic beverages to the dog

 No sugar-coating, this can lead to death. Alcohol can disrupt the dog’s normal breathing, create abnormal acidity, and cause coma. The worst is death.


Chocolate may be healthy at some point to people, but this can be lethal to dogs

It contains Theobromine which can cause the dog to have seizures, diarrhea, extreme thirstiness, tremors, and death. Not everything that tastes sweet to people can also be sweet to dogs.

No pet owner is perfect. But when in doubt, don’t feed just anything to your dog just
because it tastes good. Saying “no” to the dog can save his life. Human diet differs from a dog’s diet. There are plenty of pet products that are safe and healthy for dogs. Best method is to stick to dog foods and those recommended by the vet. Avoiding a circumstance wherein the dog’s health can be put at risk is better than experiencing the worst possible scenario. Dog owners should also be wary of foods lying around the house. Dogs are very curious and sometimes wouldn’t think twice in chewing a discarded ham out of curiosity.