What to do if Your Cat Seems Dirtier Than Usual?

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Cats can get into a lot of mess themselves because they just want to. This means cat owners will have to deal with cleaning up their furry little friend. But how does one define a dirty cat? They get dirt from moving around within the household premises. As they crawl under the bed and couches, or an attempt at catching a small mouse hiding in the corners of the house. Cats will attract dirt no matter what they do. Then there are those times where they get the chance to play outside in which they will make contact with other individuals and felines alike. It would then make them even more vulnerable to dirt. So what should cat owners do when their cat seems dirtier than usual? Here are just some of the helpful tips. 


Brush Their Fur

The simplest task among the many ways of grooming a cat is to brush its fur. As mentioned, cats move around inside the house yet can still get themselves a little bit dirty. The dust particles that gather around the corners of the household, can get caught in the cat’s fur. And at times it will form some sort of fuzzy dirty lump on them. Make sure to get the proper brushing tool made specifically for cats. It will then ensure that as their fur is being brushed, it does not harm them in any way. 


The Right Time To Give A Bath

As most cat owners are aware, the majority of cats dislike getting wet. So when it comes to bath time, it is always a hard battle for both sides. Here’s the thing, what some cat owners don’t realize is they need to find an ideal opportunity wherein their cats have their defenses lowered. In other words, choose a time when they are tired. With the lack of energy they have, they will most likely let themselves be completely guided by their owners. This way, bath times will go smooth sailing compared to when cats are immediately bathed after minutes of playing outdoors. 



Use The Right Cat Shampoo

A basic necessity of owning a cat is to buy the right grooming essentials, one of which is the right shampoo. People think that they can save more money by using their shampoo however it is advisable to use cat shampoos instead. These shampoos are made specifically to cater to a cat’s needs. One of which is that some products contain harmful chemicals so to avoid such circumstances it is best to buy the right products for your cat’s grooming. 




Use Lukewarm Water

Check the temperature of the water to test if it’s appropriate for the cat. It is similar to when people take a shower themselves, they make sure to change the water’s temperature at just the right amount of warmness to make the shower more pleasing. It would seem merciless if cat owners were to immediately bathe their cats in scorching hot or undeniably cold water. That will just scare them off and probably decide to never take a bath again. The lukewarm temperature will also assure that your cat is rinsed well with no trace of soap left.



Reward them with Treats

After participating excellently in their bath, it is only fitting that cats should be rewarded with a treat. This technique is a great way of getting them to look forward to the next bathing time. Cat owners can also consider extra time for playing as another reward for completing the grooming session. Either way, the rewarding process is a good way of telling them a job well done. 


Cats will inevitably get dirty no matter what. This is why it is important to know the basic procedures of properly cleaning them up after an exciting day. Now whenever your cat gets too filthy, you will know exactly what to do.