Things that You Should Know about Cats

So you think that you’re a cat lover? Cats are very interesting animals. There’s a saying that owners own their dogs, but cats own their owners. Ancient Egypt can attest to that. Cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt as guardians of the underworld. Cat ancestors could not be happier, as cats are still well-loved today. Cats are so loved that there’s even a play about them. And guess what the title is – CATS. True enough, the feisty feline always pulls heartstrings with their enigmatic eyes and alluring expressions. Cat lovers are as many as the population of their
loveable felines. But there are bits of information about cats that would surprise even the hardcore cat lover. Not only for fun, some information is important to the health and well-being of cats. Some myths should also be busted.

About the purr: Cats learn to purr as early as two weeks. Although it is still a mystery on how cats make that purr sound, some experts believe that the cardiovascular system is involved. Cats usually purr when they feel good about something. But take note, deep purring may be an indication of pain. A cat owner should be able to tell the difference. If there’s a deep purr, then best to consult the vet.

An eye for an eye; A nose for a nose: How do you think cats communicate among themselves? How do you think they communicate with humans? Each animal in the kingdom has their unique methods of communication. Cats as homies communicate through nose-to-nose. They won’t usually do this to others that they’re not bffs with. So if your cat makes a nose-to-nose with you, then rejoice because you are considered as a homie. When a cat has also blinked and narrowed his eyes, he’s not giving a pay-your-bills glare. In fact, when a cat does this, he’s actually trying to make eye contact.

Overfeeding is unhealthy: A common mistake by cat owners. Vets urge owners to stopoverfeeding cats. The appropriate portion should be given. Even if the cat uses the ultimate feed-me-more-human-teary-eyed look, it is best to follow what the vet recommends. Refilling the bowl after the appropriate portion can make the cat fat. That’s it. That’s the rest of it. The cat will get fat. Best to use a cat feeder that will regulate the portion per meal.

1 + 1 = 3: One cat has two litter boxes, especially if he is prone to making the entire house a toilet. Veterinarians recommend that cats should have at least an additional litter box if they are prone to defecating anywhere in the house. So, for , if you have two cats then there should be three litter boxes. This is about keeping everything as hygienic as possible.

“I’ll scratch your back, but don’t scratch mine”: Cats love to have their chin, back, and neck massaged or gently scratched. But do note that, for a cat, scratching is life. It is best to give the cat a scratching post unless you hate your sofa so much that you want an excuse to buy a new one. A proper scratching post can help replenish the cat’s claws, removing the old layer.

It’s in ancient history: Maybe the Ancient Egyptians were accurate in revering cats because cats do not understand the concept of punishment at all – that is, in terms of Operant Conditioning. Teaching skills to cats is possible but the best way to do it is through Positive Reinforcement or the acquisition of desired behavior through reward.