Prevent and Get Rid Of Fleas & Ticks on Dogs

Spending some time outdoors can bring a little bit of peace of mind. The fresh air blowing against your skin makes you feel as if everything is at ease for just a moment. Dogs also need these kinds of moments. They may not seem like it but dogs need the outdoors and fresh air too. Which would explain why they would consistently beg you to take them outside. However, having to take them outside now and then makes them susceptible to the thing that most pet owners try to avoid—Fleas & Ticks. If owners are not careful and cautious enough, their dogs just might get them. 

Although some owners’ way of preventing fleas & ticks is holding their dogs back from enjoying the sunny environment outside. Logically speaking it makes sense, but dogs can’t stay indoors forever. They need some of that vitamin D. But there are better ways of preventing and getting rid of fleas & ticks on your favorite pooch.

Clean The Surroundings

This method is highly recommended for those dog owners whose house is surrounded by trees and plants. There will be little nooks and crannies in those places wherein the fleas can live and survive. So as much as possible make a habit of cutting and cleaning your plants and check the corners of the trees. There is no doubt your dog always goes there, especially when they crave the occasional digging process. If you want to prevent those horrible pests from living on your dog’s skin, you have to clean your yard more often. 


Keep The Wildlife Animals From Invading

Having a yard full of plants and trees can also attract feral pets coming into your area. And who’s to say your dog won’t befriend them? Because they will in a heartbeat. Although there is nothing wrong with your dog expanding their social circle however having physical contact with wildlife will get them infected with unwanted pests. So, to avoid it from happening, you can put up some high fences so feral pets can’t invade your personal space. They also bring along dirt coming from places you don’t even know. This isn’t about being rude to them, it is just a precaution of keeping them and your dog safe from any harm. 

Clean Your House

This is the most basic and obvious one. When your dog comes in they also bring in some unwanted dirt which will eventually get stuck in your rugs or carpets, so have those vacuumed daily. The dirt can provide a suitable home for fleas to live inside your own home. Even though you give your pets their routine baths, as long as those carpets and rugs are still covered in dirt, they will still be useless. It is not just the dirty rugs, it is also the couch, chair, towel, their doggie toys, everything that your fluffy pal can get in contact with. This is why cleaning is essential.

Buy Flea & Tick Shampoos

Now that you know how to prevent fleas & ticks on your dogs, getting rid of them won’t be that difficult. There are now dog shampoos that can get rid of and prevent fleas & ticks. Just make sure to read the labels to see what the product is made of. Some shampoos have harmful chemicals in them which can be dangerous for your dogs especially if they have certain conditions. There are natural dog shampoos that are not only safe but also environmentally friendly. 


Fleas & Ticks are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be prevented. Always remember to look after your pooch wherever they go. Take note of where they came from, who they have made contact with. And most importantly, make it a habit to bathe them.