How To Safeguard Your Dog From Flea & Tick

One of the benefits of having a pet dog is they are a great companion. If you are one of those people who live alone and far away from your family, then you are likely to get homesick often when you are alone at home. Being homesick must have led you to want a roommate but also you refuse to have another human being living with you for the reason that you are not fond of human interaction that much unless they are close to you. In this case, looking for a stranger to fill the emptiness in your apartment won’t easily cut it. So the best way to fill that void is someone you can have as a roommate without the frustrating thought of needing to speak to them. Hence, you have decided to adopt a dog

Now that you have your four-legged companion, you are obliged totake them for daily walks as it will make them more active and increase their social interaction so they may gain other people’s trust. You will need to take them to parks and let them play with other dogs as well. However, despite giving them an active social life, there is a downside to it. The only chance you can take them outside will be when the weather is sunny. Unfortunately, the heat encourages pests to live and jump to different dogs which means your dog will be in danger of getting a flea and tick

Because dogs have such warm and soft fur, it is an ideal environment for pests like fleas to live in. Once these pests land on your dog’s fur, they will feed on their blood that will cause problems such as allergic reactions or something more serious like a tick-borne illness. You may try to prevent it by limiting their time outside but that would not be fair to them seeing as it might make them unhappy. So if you intend on keeping them safe from those dangerous pests without compromising their social life, you can do so by following these tips.

Treats For Fleas and Ticks

To prevent your beloved pet from fleas and ticks, you must learn more about them. Information like, in which environments do they thrive more? As previously mentioned, these pests can live in the heat. Particularly, during summer where the temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees. But it is not the only time where they can live, it turns out that fleas can also survive the winter if they can get inside your house. Veterinarians suggest that you must give your dog treatments year-round preventive measures. There are a variety of medicines that will help your pet but it will depend if it is suitable for your dog. To get better odds, you may take your pet to see the vet and ask for the things you need to look for in a flea and tick treatment. Put in mind to check the product’s expiration date otherwise, it will lose its sole purpose of protecting your dog. Also, considering that you will make a habit out of giving your pet treatments, you can try new and updated versions of medicines. You can ask your vet for their professional opinion about it and you might just find an even better treatment than the one you are currently using.

Don’t Rely On Dog Shampoos

Although you have an effective and efficient grooming routine, shampoos won’t always cut it. If you have shampoos that get rids of fleas and ticks, it is alright. Just do not forget about reading the labels to see what chemicals it is made out of. And do not immediately believe products labeled as “natural”. It won’t hurt to do further research about said product and make sure that it has been approved by professionals that it is safe.

Regularly Check Your Dog For Ticks

Giving your dogs treatments for fleas and ticks won’t fullyprotect them. As their owner, you are responsible for checking their fur for any unusual things they may have caught while they were playing outside. You can do this as you are grooming them. You may also make this routine after every walk or whenever they go outside. Especially if they have been surrounded by a lot of other dogs and spent quite a long time under the sun. If you want to catch the fleas easier, you can use a comb so while you are straightening their fur, you may get the pests that are caught in it

Clean Your Surroundings

It is an obvious notion that you should be cleaning your house and yard as your dog tends to spend a lot of time in those areas. You must be meticulous in cleaning your surroundings. Especially in the nooks and crannies where the fleas and ticks can find them hide under. If you have a garden or if your yard is full of grass, trees, and plants, then make sure that you cut them regularly as the area is a perfect place for pests to live in due to its warm and moist atmosphere


Give Your Dog Regular Check-Ups

Of course, it is a given that dogs should have regular check-ups. One of the things that the vet would examine is if they have caught any fleas and or ticks lately. Along with the examination is an initial interview if the treatment that you are giving them is working and if there are any side effects. You may follow up with a couple of questions if you like such as another method of preventing these pests or is there any new improved treatment that might be better for your dog, it is encouraged that you continue to educate yourself to handle the situation at home without hassle. Also, if you see that your pet has a bite mark that was not on them before, do not hesitate on taking them to their local vet. They will examine what kind of pests the bite is from, what you can do to get rid of it, and if your dog will feel anything from the bite. You do not have to panic, just ensure your dog is safe if you do not know what to do in certain situations.

Although it may seem that safeguarding your dog from fleas and ticks requires a lot, doing so will greatly help your dog from pain in the future and will help you save some budget. Keep in mind that despite the size of these pests, they will cause diseases that will cause your dog pain. Getting a bite from fleas can result in your dog getting an allergic reaction to which they will start to excessively scratch themselves which would result in them getting hair loss. There is also a possibility that your dog might accidentally digest fleas and if so, chances are the flea that they ate carried a tapeworm larva. The indication for this is if you notice your dog starts scratching on their anus and if there are tiny white worms in their feces

If you do not take action immediately even though they may seem fine, your dog’s health will slowly decrease. They will lose their appetite, they no longer get excited to get outside or at least go on walks. Their energy will decrease and by then it would have been more difficult for them to heal. Also, remember to consider factors such as your dog’s breed. Each dog is treated uniquely depending on its current health and history. Not all treatments are safe and good for them so take precautions. Some of those treatments may contain some harmful chemicals so always be wary. You can read the label and check the ingredients yourself to see if these chemicals are safe. There are natural safer ways to treat and prevent fleas such as lavender and eucalyptus but be careful as your dog might be allergic to it

At the end of the day, you cannot stop your dog from going outside and spend some good fun with their friends under the sun. Like their owner, the only thing you can do is protect them as much as you can and create a clean and safe environment at home. These pests are dangerous but that does not mean it will be impossible to get rid of them. As long as you properly take care of your dog, they will return the favor to you twice over. Not only will all the effort be worth it, but you can save more of your budget if you can prevent the fleas and ticks from invading your dog’s body.

There is no shame in not knowing anything about all this information. You can learn about it every day through thorough research and ask your chosen vet about the things that should be considered and done overall. Soon enough you can take care of your beloved pooch at home.