Taking care of a dog can be a handful. Despite the reason for deciding to have one, was to accompany you at all times, there are several responsibilities that you must take into account, one of which is potty training. Especially if you were to have them as a puppy, that can be an advantage. Seeing as it is better to train them while young compared to having to train an almost fully grown adult dog. Younger puppies aren’t yet active as older ones, making their training a bit bearable. Why potty train? Well, you don’t want your couch getting spilled with any wine or soda, right? Then you most certainly won’t like dog pee on it. Or anywhere in the house for that matter. And to avoid those little accidents, here are some tips on how to potty train your furry best friend.

Schedule Bathroom Breaks

Making time for certain activities will allow the puppy to slowly develop a sense of initiative. It will be their guide for when mother nature comes calling them. Think of it as training a child to ask permission for when they need to do their business. They need to be taught when is the right time to do the activity without being rude and or mannerless.

Choose a Spot Outside

Once your furry friend gets the hang of when they can relieve themselves, the next step is letting them choose a place where they can be allowed to do so. This method mostly works when you take them out for a daily walk. Don’t forget to keep them on a leash when doing this. After they have made up their mind on where they should relieve themselves, give them a particular word that tells them they can go. This way, they will see it as a go-signal. When they are fully trained, you may use that chosen word or phrase anytime for when you are at a different location.

Reward Them for Accomplishing the Task

Training a dog revolves around giving them treats. The more they do what you ask, they are bound to do it again as they will know what prize lies ahead. Or you can even let them play longer than the usual time duration that you would give them. Either way, rewarding your dog is an excellent way of teaching discipline, at the same time both of you get to have some fun.

Take Their Water Dish Away Before Bedtime

About 2-3 hours before you can put your puppy to bed, make sure that they do not drink any water. Chances are that if you do, they will need to relieve themselves during the night hence they will try to wake you up. To not let this happen, avoid giving them water at night.

Potty training is essential for dogs. It’s part of a disciplinary action that will help them develop a great attitude. Plus, it will save you the trouble of having to buy new furniture, bedsheets, clothes, shoes, or anything your dog can pee on. So not only are you nurturing a very good dog, you can have a cleaner house too.