How to Keep Your Dog Calm While Grooming

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Taking care of a dog’s hygiene is just as important as taking care of one’s own. Dogs need proper grooming now and then to keep their skin and fur healthy. Considering that they go outside to play, socialize, or just enjoy the fresh air. All that time spent outside can leave them quite filthy. Any pet owner would be deeply concerned about when their dog would come running back inside the house while they are covered in dirt. So to deal with such a dilemma, dog owners have to make a habit of bathing their dogs. However, getting a dog to jump inside the shower is not easy. Some dogs are scared of the water for reasons being that they are not used to it. Going to the beach is different of course, in any case, it’s confusing as to why dogs love going to the beach and pool yet are scared to take a simple shower, dogs can know the difference between the two. 

It is not just taking a shower that dogs are frightened of, it is also simple grooming such as combing their fur to get rid of those tangled up hair. The process can be some sort of a cultural shock to them. It is important to keep in mind that these things should be handled carefully as to not make them feel like bath and grooming times are to be scared of. To lend a hand in situations like this, here are some tips to keep your dog calm while grooming.

Remain Calm And Be Patient

Owners might find themselves getting more and more frustrated as they attempt to get their dog in the shower or tub (whichever suits you best to groom them). Especially when their dog is completely covered in so much filth, the thought of having all that dirt getting everywhere in the house will add more stress. But remember to take a deep breath and understand that dogs get a bit shocked at new things, in this case, simply getting them inside the bathroom. And even just trying to straighten out their fur can get them to escape your grip. So just as long as you keep a calming demeanor, they will too.

Let The Dog Get Comfortable In The Grooming Space

Much like people, dogs need to get familiar with the area. Even people need to have a look around when they try to find a new place to live, it is only fair that dogs get the same opportunity. This way, it will slowly build up their comfortability of the space. Whenever they are taken to it, they will get a sense of familiarity and assurance that they are in a safe place. They can be trained to go in it themselves, to save some effort and time.

Groom And Play

Dogs are the same as children, they need to be distracted to do things. For kids, most guardians would give them their favorite toy so they can eat or stay calm. For dogs, owners can do the same. They may even make a game out of the grooming session as an attempt of letting them treat grooming as playtime. Owners can make grooming a fun activity for their dogs so they can be more at ease.

Know When It Is Time To Stop

Even though the dog has gotten off to a nice start, owners should know when enough is enough. Despite seeing your furry friend getting cozy with grooming, too much can get them frightened again. They might see it as hostile the longer they are groomed. So be gentle and recognize if they have had enough. It is alright if they haven’t completely gotten used to grooming yet but let it be a good start. Give them the time to feel secure in the process.

Dogs need to be routinely groomed to keep them healthy and look good. Not all dogs will love grooming but that does not mean they won’t ever love it. Just make sure they are given the time to appreciate grooming. Owners can get the best dog grooming tools to pamper them properly. It won’t be long until dogs will eventually beg to be pampered again.