How to Control a Dog’s Barking?

Some people may not believe it but dogs can understand human interactions and or behaviors. Much like humans, dogs are capable of picking up certain patterns that correspond to a particular action without the owners having to make any solid training.

A Russian physiologist named Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, or most commonly known as Ivan Pavlov was famous for his work in classical conditioning. His best notable experiment was that being able to control whenever a dog could salivate with a simple ring of a bell. He conducted this trial by ringing the bell whenever he gave the dogs food. Pavlov wanted to see if he really could control the canine’s salivation, and several weeks later, he noticed that when he rang the bell, the dogs started salivating, finally concluding his theory was correct.

The point of the above-mentioned story is that if he can control whenever a dog could salivate, then you can control your dog’s barking. It’s common knowledge that our beloved pooches bark for several reasons: they ask for food, your attention, to play outside, tummy scratches, or just to tell you that they saw a squirrel outside. This behavior is pretty normal, it’s a good way to make conversation with them despite the language barrier.  However, hearing them bark during unnecessary hours, especially when you’re just trying to sleep, can be exasperating. So here are a couple of tips on how you can control your dog’s barking.

Keep Your Cool

Dogs are simple yet noble creatures, they are not always the sharpest tool in the shed. One of the most important things is having patience throughout this process so always keep your cool. If needed, you can let out all your frustrations beforehand to get you fully prepped for this procedure.  You stay calm to get your dog’s attention. This way, they aren’t scared of you. Also, dogs mimic you so if you seem irritated, they will most likely do that as well. Same as if they perceive you keeping your cool every time they bark, they are going to stop.

Body Reprimanding

In certain situations, dogs would just randomly start barking out of nowhere. You check the surroundings if there was anything that was making them uncomfortable like if the vacuum cleaner was being used which means it may take a while to keep them calm in that duration. Yet if you give them a stern look, something that is a clear sign of making them stop, they will. Although that technique will take some time for them to get used to, all those attempts will eventually pay off. 

Assert Dominance

This one may sound aggressive but it isn’t. Asserting your dominance will discipline them properly. They are allowed to do things but they must also know that they have certain limitations. Some dogs are spoiled to the extent that they no longer respect your boundaries. In this case, you must show them whenever it is alright to bark. If you are in the middle of an important call and they start disrupting then you must tell them to stop by asserting dominance. It is up to you on how you do this, it may be through giving them a stern look, or give them food, anything that will ultimately let them leave you alone.

Productive Activities

The reason for dogs to excessively bark all the time is all that energy they have inside them and the latter action is their way of releasing it. Giving them a productive activity can be an excellent opportunity to keep your pet active. One of which is running. If you haven’t started on that new year’s resolution on being fit then this is a good excuse for you to get started. Bring your dog with you when you go for a run, they’ll surely love having to go outside and keep their energy flowing. 

Dogs love it when they can express themselves. It’s one way of letting you know how much they mean to you. And these days, people have come up with innovative technology that even teaches them our language. Simple words like, “walk”, “play”, and “eat”, are now being taught to pets. 

Luckily, we offer an innovative gadget of our own to lend a hand to your barking troubles. A Puppy Anti-Barking Collar. It’s never too early for your pups to get trained for situations like this. The collar progressively emits an increasingly high-pitched tone which becomes more intense as the dog’s barking persists. Clinical tests show that the gadget is quite effective for over 90% of problem barking dogs, making it the best result achieved by any sonic bark control collar