How Cats Respond To Human Attachment?

When someone asks “Do you have a pet?”, the majority of the answer would be dogs. Knowing full well of how loyal and loving they are towards people, it’s no surprise dogs are always the answer to that question. But what about cats? Surprisingly, they are more cat owners than dog owners. Cats may not be as energetic or seem just as friendly as dogs are, however some people find more tranquility with cats. Their strikingly calming demeanor gives a nice soothing environment within the premises. Considering that some people aren’t as active as they are expected to be, cats are a perfect companion for them.

One of the reasons why the other half of people, the ones who identify themselves as active or outgoing, don’t see cats as a preferred companion is that they feel as though that cats can’t be as clingy as dogs are. Contrary to that belief, it may seem like a false statement. Cats only seem they don’t care but they do, even if their expressions or actions look the exact opposite of it. 

Kristyn Vitale of Oregon State University says that in regards to cats’ human attachments, they are also able to display social flexibility as dogs do. Kristyn continues by saying that when cats are in a new environment they use their owners as a source of security which would then suggest that they are securely attached to them. This behavior is also similar to how infants are to their caregivers. Kristyn’s team ran a test that involved an adult cat and a kitten being put into an uncommon environment. In which case, both species spend a good two minutes being with their caregivers, then alone, and reuniting whilst they are in the room. After observing the outcome of the test, it was concluded that cats astonishingly bonded much as infants do. 

Kristyn and her team have classified that about 65 percent of both cats and kittens as securely bonded to their people.

As mentioned earlier, cats don’t always seem that they care, but this new study has shed a light on the softer and more caring side of cats. They love and care as much as dogs do. You can give your cat all the cool toys that they want to earn all their affection, although the reality is, unbeknownst to you, they already did. Some people see cats as something “evil”, which sounds like an overstatement because it is. Since it has been described that they mirror human behaviors, the only reason that they are seen as unfriendly is that it’s what people want to see in a cat. Treat them badly, they treat you badly. Treat them kindly, and they will treat you just as kindly too. It’s simple reciprocation. Take very good care of them, give them proper grooming, all the treats they can eat to their heart’s content, and they will surely love you forever.

Now the next time someone asks “Do you have a pet?”, also consider the possibility of answering cats. Because they are wonderful pets much like dogs are. It isn’t a competition between the species, rather it’s an enlightenment of the somewhat exclusion of cats in this sort of conversation.  Cats are more loving and affectionate than most people know about it.