Dos and Don’ts of Proper Hygiene of your dog

Everyone dreams of having a dog someday. The reasons being that not only are they a joy to have around but also a good companion along the way, maybe even better than other people. However, despite the overwhelming pros of having a dog, one must remember to take on the responsibilities of taking care of one. It may not seem like it, but some don’t realize that certain accountabilities come with owning a dog, the most important being their hygiene.

DO regular check-ups for ticks/fleas. Dogs love the outdoors. The open space and fresh air give them the liberty to enjoy the day and socialize with other dogs. Although, this freedom must be kept in check. Dogs are so friendly, they would meet with any feline friends they see, not knowing where they are coming from. That isn’t being rude or anything but stray dogs tend to carry ticks/fleas that your dog could get infected with. And it’s not just through other dogs, if the weather is warm, the ticks aren’t that far either. The heat allows them to survive and live in your dog’s body. Having to deal with these pests can be a handful but with the right product, it’s easy.

With that being said, if you are going to attempt to bathe your dog to get rid of the ticks/fleas, DON’T use any random shampoo on your dog. Some people use their own shampoo to bathe their furry friends, this is frowned upon seeing that hygienic products for humans are not always safe for them. Unless your veterinarian has given you the go-ahead signal on that, as much as possible, buy dog shampoos. Most of those products are handcrafted specifically for them to make bath times fun and safe.

DO brush your dog’s fur regularly. This activity is quite amusing for your dogs. Makes them feel loved and secure. In the perspective of their health, grooming their fur helps control shedding. It can be a bit exhausting having your house filled with their fur but hey, you wanted one so now you have to own up to it.

You can cut their hair yourselves but it is highly recommended that you DON’T clip your dog’s hair yourselves. Every dog has specific ways of cutting its hair. Some grow long and some seem to never grow at all. Nonetheless, you must always ask for help from your local vet. Some professionals specialize in how to cut a dog’s hair. One of the reasons being that certain dogs require particular trimming techniques that avoid injuries especially in sensitive areas. Also, the fact that some dogs get scared when they are to be trimmed so it’s best to leave them to dog hair experts.

DO inspect for unwanted objects in your dog’s paws. Dogs can dig their paws anywhere that they want to, even to places that they are not supposed to. They might hit things that are unknown to them, which can irritate them. Unfortunately, if this happens, they find it difficult to tell us why and where they are hurting. Worst case scenario, they learn to live with an alien object that got stuck on their paws that might cause a scab. So to avoid such circumstances, it is important to examine their paws as much as you can.

Speaking of digging anywhere, aside from their paws, you must clean their nails as well. But DON’T attempt on cutting your dog’s nails yourselves. Cutting a dog’s nail is beyond tricky. If you have zero background on the basics of cutting their nails, you can cause them extreme pain. As always, get a professional to help you in that area in case you have to cut your dog’s nails yourselves. Although it is rare for some to get their dogs groomed like this, this one is also a must considering you don’t want to get accidentally scratched by them.

So if you know anyone who is thinking of getting a dog, or you might be getting a dog yourself, make sure that you are well prepared for every responsibility that comes with it. Overall, having a dog is still the best thing that might happen to you.