Best Grooming Tools Needed For Your Pet Dog

Dogs are like family, they need to be taken care of and be shown love as if they were like any other human being. And much like human beings, they too need a particular set of tools to keep them trimmed and tidy. It’s not that complex, owners just need to be aware of the apparatuses dogs need as a way of tending to them appropriately. There’s nothing wrong with some good old fashion pampering time. And you’ll never know, you might use that opportunity as your special bonding day.

It’s no secret that dogs love playing outdoors, and after all that running around, they will have caught some dirt along the way. You don’t want any of that in the house now, do you? So here are the best grooming tools every pet owner needs.

Dog shampoos. Pretty basic, but quite fundamental. For healthy fully grown adult dogs, it is advisable to bathe them once a month. Otherwise, bathing them once a week may result in overbathing and can damage their fur and make their skin dry. In picking out a shampoo for your lovable pooch, don’t always buy the overly scented formulas. They may smell and look incredible, but they aren’t exactly good for dogs. At most, buy the ones that are specifically made for dogs. Dog shampoos are intentionally made out of tear-free formulas, as not to make them uncomfortable.

Nail Clippers. Trimming a dog’s nails is something some pet owners never really do. Leaving their pets to have long nails for a lengthy period of time, thinking it’s perfectly normal. However, according to dog experts, long nails make dogs uneasy. As they walk and run or simply stand, their long nails can make them stressed. Regularly clipping your dog’s nails will make the quick recede. A quick is the soft, pink tissue that can be seen in the center of your dog’s nail, easily seen if their nails are light-colored. The quick supplies blood to the nail and runs through its core, which may result in agitation and bleeding if it takes too long for the owner to cut their dog’s nails. Hence, all pet owners should buy nail clippers and trim the dog’s nails every 2 weeks.

Dog brushes. Brushing your dog’s hair isn’t just to make them look good, it’s part of their healthy hygiene to spread those natural oils in their skin but most of all cut down on their shedding. There are several choices of dog brushes that apply to the kind of fur they have. One type is a slicker brush, applicable for dogs with long hair.  And then there is the bristle brush, the most common one, that can either be soft to firm or long to short, depending on which one is best suited for your pet.

Dog ear cleansers. Cleaning your dog’s ears is just as important as cutting their nails. Playing outside on green pasture all day may cause ear infections. Mainly, if your dog suffers from allergies. This is why dog owners must maintain a routine of cleaning their dog’s ears. Much like their baths, it is recommended that their ears be cleaned at least once a month. This eliminates wax buildup in their ears and of course to circumvent deafness.

Grooming your dog is a lot of work, but it’s all part of the responsibility that dog owners must take accountability for. It is another simple way of showing and saying how much they mean to you. And nothing is more important than your favorite four-legged best friend.