Best Dental Care Products For Your Dog

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A dog’s oral hygiene is just as important as that of a human. Especially since dogs chew anything that they can find regardless if it is edible. It is one of the many things that the majority find both amusing and unusual for dogs. You would think that they would know which ones are edible or not considering their impressive olfactory senses. However, at the end of the day, dogs will remain audacious when it comes to things they can chew. As amazing as it may seem, a dog’s chewing abilities have their downsides. One of which is the circumstances that small objects will eventually get stuck in their teeth. And if owners are negligent to their dog’s oral hygiene, it will leave their pets suffering all on their own. It is of utmost importance that pet caretakers are attentive to their pets’ grooming needs in this case their oral hygiene. 

But how can one know the right ways and products to use on their dogs to properly attend to their oral hygiene needs? The answer will most likely be to take them to the vet. This is more than alright because it is highly advisable to your furry best friend to the vet for their monthly or weekly checkups. However, there will be unprecedented times where owners are unable to take them to the vet themselves and there will be no time to ask someone else to take them and or explain to the person the things needed to be taken note of once they are taken to the vet. That can be troublesome. Aside from taking your dogs to the vet for their monthly checkups, it is also imperative that owners themselves can learn the needs and proper methods of taking care of their lovable pet. And to lend owners a hand in the area of tending to a dog’s oral hygiene, here are the top products that are ideal to assist them.

The most basic of all tools in the aspect of oral hygiene is the toothbrush. Of course, it has to be the ones that are specifically made for dogs as their teeth are made differently from humans, so if you are thinking of giving them your second-hand toothbrush, that may not be a good idea. These dental toothbrushes for dogs are designed to easily remove plaque and tartar. Additionally, it will give convenience for the owners as they brush along their pet’s teeth. Much like people, owners can brush their dog’s teeth twice a day. This will have your pet get used to the routine and will eventually enjoy it, as well as it will keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Now once your dog has taken a liking to their new routine of brushing their teeth, it is only fair that the activity is to be made fun as to not only increase amusement for it but make them love it even more. Kind of like making the pet want to brush their teeth every day. One of the ways to convince your fluffy pal to brush their teeth is to have flavored toothpaste, yes you read that right, a FLAVORED toothpaste. It sounds a bit absurd but for dogs, it is not. This one is peanut butter flavored and what dog wouldn’t love peanut butter, right? Natural Peanut Butter Dental Kit fights plaque-causing bacteria and breath odors. In addition to being tasty, this toothpaste doesn’t have to be rinsed if you choose to do so. This way, owners can make more time for their other errands.

If you think that the above-mentioned products are impressive, you haven’t heard of this one yet. The Rawhide Dental Chews can do almost everything. Well in terms of oral hygiene anyway. These chews can accommodate your dog’s chewing, keeping their teeth healthy, and give them that nice fresher breath. Owners won’t have to lift that much of an effort for this one as they will just simply give these chew to their pets and let them chew away with the comforting notion that their teeth and gums are getting cleaned. As well as it gets rid of unwanted plaque and tartar.

Oral hygiene is everything, so if you are one of those owners who take their pet’s hygiene seriously, this one will be most appropriate for when your pets are still puppies. Puppy’s teeth and gums will still be soft and sensitive. Applying them to brush their teeth might be a little aggressive for their liking. But the Puppy Teething Ring can help. For when your puppy is teething, this will bring them a soothing and relaxing feeling as they chew on it. It is formulated with DNA and calcium so there is nothing to worry about.

A dog’s oral hygiene should be taken more seriously by pet owners. Especially when they are aggressive chewers, they need to maintain a good brushing routine to avoid any teeth and or oral problems. To think that humans can barely keep themselves together when they get a toothache, what more to their beloved dogs when they experience it too? Don’t ever let that happen as much as possible. Be responsible and ask your vet for more information and recommendation.